The 8 culinary specialities of Malta

The 8 culinary specialities of Malta

Malta is much more than just a rocky outcrop lost in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea - it is an island paradise full of spectacular spots, amazing architectural treasures and delicious culinary specialties.

Discover the typical dishes of Maltese cuisine

Maltese cuisine is largely influenced by its history: Arab invasion, British occupation and Italian influence. In other words, it is a melting point in terms of taste. The cuisine is mainly Mediterranean, known as the cuisine of the poor, based on oil, olives, peas and rabbit!

1. The desserts

Maltese desserts are often spicy, made with dates and dried fruits (almonds), sometimes with a touch of clove! They are usually served with a scoop of ice cream and coffee.


2. Gozitan cheese

Traditional Gozitan cheese, called "ġbejna", usually made from sheep's cheese, but can also be found from cow's milk. The small fresh cheese is relatively dry, rubbed with salt. These small cheeses are traditionally dried under the Maltese sun. Find the gbejna flavor plain and pepper for the most part!


3. The pastizzi

This is THE popular delicacy: the little diamond-shaped puff pastries come in 3 variations: filled with ricotta cheese, pea cream or chicken (usually with cream and mushrooms). They also exist in a sweet version! The friands are very cheap with an average cost of 50 cents. You can find them in the many pastizzeria on the street corners.


4. The Timpana

Maltese pie based on dough, we could say that it is the Maltese lasagne. Another main dish of the country based on macaroni, minced meat and tomato sauce. It is often found in the pastizzeria not far from the pastizzis!


5. The ftira

Cooked on a wood fire, this bread with olive oil and a hole in its center is often eaten by Maltese families during their trip to the beach. Made with tomatoes, capers, tuna and onions, it's a bit like Maltese bread bagnat!


6. The Maltese tapenade: Bigilla and Galetti

An appetizer made of beans, oil, parsley and garlic, usually served on the famous Galletti, Maltese crackers!


7. The rabbit main course

The Maltese main dish: rabbit stew, a tasty dish thanks to its long cooking time (several hours) and its sauce rich in tomatoes, red wine and garlic, usually following a pasta dish. It is the national specialty of Malta!


8. Gozitan honey

Malta and honey: a love story since Roman times! There are about 200 small Maltese beekeepers who passionately produce a honey unique in the world. Often with the scent of wild thyme, its beautiful amber color invites you to taste it during your walks on the markets of the Maltese archipelago. You will also find beeswax-based products and propolis. It is easier to find real honey on the island of Gozo.



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