Travel in Malta

Malta is a popular destination for learning English for many reasons.

Learning English in Malta is much cheaper than any other destination. The cost of living is very affordable, housing is cheaper than London or NYC for example and the weather is sunny almost all the time. So it's a great way to learn English while linking fun and fun.

Malta is an archipelago made up of three islands: Malta, Gozo and Comino. The name of Malta comes from the word honey, traditionally produced in the islands and very popular with many navigators who, over the centuries, came to the territory during explorations in the Mediterranean. And it is that the more than 7000 years of history of Malta left indelible traces, the result of the meeting of the multiple cultures which occupied it.

Malta is a more than ideal destination for a cultural getaway close to the beach and with pleasant temperatures in all seasons.

Gozo is the second-largest island in the Maltese archipelago. Famous for its wild and authentic spirit, it is home to some of the oldest megalithic temples in the world, in an exceptional natural environment. It is considered an ideal place to cultivate one's well-being and practice countless outdoor activities. It is, therefore, the ideal destination to get rid of stress and regenerate the mind.

The third Comino Island is a must stop for every trip to the Maltese archipelago. Almost uninhabited, Comino is a jewel in Malta, thanks to its magnificent cliffs and paradisiacal beaches, such as the Blue Lagoon, whose incredible white sands are submerged in crystal clear waters like the Caribbean.