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Mayfair is an independent English Language school with 30+ years’ experience of specialist language teaching. We are proud of our services to students and strive to deliver high quality language tuition in a caring and professional environment.

We teach adults (minimum age 16) and younger students (age 10-15 years in junior groups) from all over the world throughout the year.

Why choose Mayfair School?

The school provides an ideal learning environment in the heart of London. We have fully refurbished classrooms, interactive whiteboards and very experienced teachers. We welcome students from all over the world so you will find yourself in a friendly, international ambiance with access to the best there is in London.

Where to find the school ?

Here on Tottenham Court Road, only a minute from Soho (considered to be the most creative square mile in the world), you will experience the essence of London through its fashionable shopping areas and concentration of theaters, museums and historic places of interest. Access to this popular area by tube, train and bus couldn’t be easier.

Located in the West End of London, Soho is a vibrant neighborhood with an intense nightlife Here, good addresses abound: vintage shops, theaters, trendy bars, all in a colorful atmosphere. Formerly frequented by rock stars, this place is steeped in history. It's a journey to the heart of the Swinging London of the 60s that awaits you!

Language courses

Course starts every Monday and is for all language levels.

General English London

English 16 - 99 years old

Our General English Language courses are designed for students who want to develop the language they already know or make a start in English. You will focus on the four key language skills: Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing through interactive study. You will also study grammar and extend your vocabulary.

You may join any week and immerse yourself in a lively class with a focus on communication.

  • Elementary to Advanced levels
  • Course length: from 1 to 50 weeks.
  • 1 lesson: 50 minutes
  • Ages 16+

Select type of lesson:

Intensive English course London

English 16 - 99 years old

For maximum progress in English, this  intensive 30-lesson programme will enable you to achieve your goals. You can combine General, Examination or Business English to make up a full programme of study.

  • 30 lessons per week
  • Elementary to Advanced levels
  • Course length: 1-50 weeks
  • 1 lesson: 50 minutes
  • Hours per week: 25
  • Ages 16+
  • Monday to Friday 09.00 – 15.50 (30 lessons weekly, includes lunch break)

Select type of lesson:

Examination English (FCE, CAE or IELTS)

English 16 - 99 years old

If you are interested in going on to higher education, improving your employment opportunities or simply widening your choices for study or work, you may like to gain a world-class qualification in English. Our examination courses are designed to give you intensive preparation to help you achieve your exam target grade.

Cambridge English exams are globally recognised by over 20,000 universities, employers and governments around the world.

  • Course length: choose from 1 to 40 weeks.
  • Class time: 09.00 to 11.50
  • Minimum level required: Upper-Intermediate (B2) (level here). A2 or lower levels should start first with a General English class.
  • 15 lessons/week. 1 lesson: 50 minutes.
  • Minimum age required 16. Average student age in the class: 28 years old.
  • Average number of students per class: 10 students.

Select type of lesson:


Usually the check-in is one or two days before the start of the course, and check out on the day of graduation. You can change the dates in the form.

I do not need accommodation

Homestay - Zone 2 London

Homestay 16 - 99 years old

Homestay accommodation provides a unique opportunity to experience life with a British family.  With a maximum of four students of different nationalities, you will share meals and common areas with a British family and enjoy opportunities to practise your language and get to know more about British culture.

Bed and breakfast: Continental breakfast provided: cereal, toast, jam, tea/coffee, juice.
Includes limited use of the kitchen and possibly use of the microwave. No access to the cooker/oven.

Half board: Continental breakfast provided 7 days per week: cereal, toast, jam, tea/coffee, juice. Evening meal Monday to Friday only. ‘Light’ access to kitchen at weekends.

  • Good transport links
  • Shared kitchen and bathroom
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • No deposit
  • Good availability
  • Flexible dates
  • 7 nights
  • Weekly Travelcard price: £33.00

Select type of room and meal


School Facilities


  • Air conditioning
  • Reception Desk

Media and technology

  • Computer with internet available
  • Interactive whiteboard
  • Free Wifi


  • Self-study area
  • Student lounge

Food and Drink

  • Vending machine

School alumni reviews

Mayfair School of English has been reviewed by 136 previous students on Google. Max five of the available reviews are included below.

profile of Кристина Голубкова

25 days ago

by Кристина Голубкова

Thank you Corinne (the ielts teacher), she helped me to understand the techniques and strategies in the ielts exam. The class was well organized and the lessons were interesting.

profile of Aigul Kaziyeva

3 months ago

by Aigul Kaziyeva

Super language school! Highly recommended! I want to share with you my impressions about Mayfair School of English. I started my classes on the 4 of November and finished on the 29 of November, 2019 in London. So I spent there 4 weeks. Before choosing this school, I explored the full range of language schools in London in advance. It was difficult to choose the highest quality and professional school where the price and quality would be coincided. As a result, the choice fell on a couple of schools - there were The London School of English and Mayfair School of English because they were ranked the top ten schools in London. After sending the request to the first school I had to wait for about three- four days of reply (that time I didn't have enough time to wait because I needed to choose the school and buy the tickets to London) so I decided to write to Mayfair School of English and they immediately responded to me offering the different options on my request. So, within couple days all my trip details about studying at Mayfair School of English were solved. As a result of 4 weeks studying at this school I can surely state that my English has been successfully improved and I am completely satisfied with the received knowledge.  About lessons: I had morning classes from 9:00am to 11:50am( I was transfered to C1 group by my teacher Holly on the first day so I am very grateful to her) and afternoon classes from 1:00 pm  to 3:50pm - business English. All lessons were super intensive  and super interesting,  filled with every second: communication, discussions, presentations, listening to texts and analysis. Business English included such themes and topycs as:  outsourcing, new business, language at work, business communication, practical speaking, asking questions after presentation, talking, making decision, employees, working with words, learn to describe trends and so on. Advanced lessons contained andvanced grammar, vocabulary, idioms, concession clauses, reading, speaking, writing. It was very cool, interesting and sometimes breathtaking because you were involved by interesting topics. Techniques of teaching- at the highest level, teachers  Holly and Gemma - super, full of enthusiasm and experience in working with people (they are native speakers and incredibly friendly, tried to explain more themes with examples from their personal life that brought a lot of positivity and smiling). To sum up, for me these 4 weeks were very intensive, serious and super interesting weeks with daily homework and tests once a week on Fridays. Now I feel a progress in my Englush and highly recommend to all of you! It will be a great plus in your improving English! By the way, you have a good opportunity to have additional free lessons 3 times per week from Monday to Wednesday from 4pm to 4:50pm, where you will learn a lot of interesting things about culture, history, education of Great Britain. I attended almost all free lessons too.  Every Friday Mayfair School of English organised some activities that were very interesting. And location of school is convinient and in the city centre , near Oxford Street. In my opinion, Mayfair School of English is really modern, dinamyc and qualified   English School with international quality standards, a high level of expertise and the unique, enthusiastic and dynamic teaching approach! Thank you very much!

profile of jack trades

3 months ago

by jack trades

Do not join this school of English, gemma Perry is a useless teacher who only talks about her boyfriend, ex boyfriend and dating history but nothing related with the ielts module, this school of English was a waste of 650 pounds.

profile of Maria Luiza Tavares

5 months ago

by Maria Luiza Tavares

It’s an amazing school! Everyone is really nice and they don’t treat you just like “another student”, they know your name, every single day they say something like “Good morning, how are you today?”. I think it’s amazing because if you’re having trouble with anything in your exchange program, they are there to help you. I started my course on B2 and at the end I was on C1, it was incredible to spent 3 months there learning with really good teachers (specially Nicholas, he was my favourite). I had a remarkable experience that I’ll never forget! Thank you, Mayfair 💜

profile of Léna Heintz

9 months ago

by Léna Heintz

This school is wonderful : the lessons are great, I learned a lot of vocabulary during one month. Furthermore, the teachers and all the team are totally lovely with the students, respectful and very nice. I would like to come back there, I have great memories of London. Thank you for everything !