The best Youtube channels to learn English

The best Youtube channels to learn English

The Internet is a goldmine for anyone who wants to develop new skills. YouTube is one of the most popular ways to learn. Learning English with YouTube is also a great way to learn the language. Indeed, the English tutorials that can be found on the platform perfectly complement traditional English courses. However, it is not always easy to find your way through all the resources available. That's why we've sorted them out for you! In this article, you'll find the best YouTube channels to learn English according to your level.


Learn English on YouTube: 3 channels for beginners

1.Apprendre l'anglais avec les Tutos de Huito


Huito is an English teacher who covers all aspects of the language in his tutorials. His goal is to allow everyone to start (or get back) learning English. On his YouTube channel you will find pronunciation tips and lessons, but also grammar and vocabulary videos.


British English (with French explanations)

Complete beginner level

This channel's little bonus: accessible English, no matter what your starting level is.


2. English With Lucy


A YouTube channel dedicated to learning English with over 5 million followers? Yes, it's possible! With hundreds of videos, English with Lucy is THE channel to follow if you want to progress in English with YouTube. In her tutorials, Lucy uses clear and accessible English.


British English

Beginner level

Her little bonus: a wide range of videos



3. mmmEnglish


mmmEnglish goes beyond the classic English tutorials that can be found on YouTube. On this channel, you will learn vocabulary and idioms, but most importantly, you will learn to speak English with confidence and ease.


Australian English

Beginner to intermediate level

Its little bonus: tips to speak English without hesitation and with confidence.


3 YouTube channels to learn English: intermediate level


1. Speak English with Chrisitna


In her videos, Christina offers valuable advice on how to overcome your English issues and progress to an advanced level. This channel is a must watch if you already have a good foundation in grammar and want to improve your verbal English.


American English

Intermediate level

Its little bonus: focus on a business-oriented English with many role plays.


2. Learn English With TV Series


Learn English With TV Series is a YouTube channel that will help you understand English as spoken in everyday life thanks to TV series, but also movies and songs. As you can see, the focus here is on listening comprehension. However, English vocabulary and grammar are not forgotten.


British/American/International English

Intermediate level

Its little bonus: a very entertaining approach that allows you to improve your English in a pleasant way.


3. BBC Learning English


Interested in learning English on YouTube while keeping up with the latest news? Then BBC Learning English is the channel for you. Politics, economics, science, environment... All the topics that make the headlines are summarized for you in an English suitable for an intermediate level.


British English

Intermediate level

Its little bonus: the most complicated words are decoded and explained to facilitate your learning.



Advanced English: 2 YouTube channels to know about


1. LetThemTalkTV


A YouTube channel that aims to improve your understanding of English from an upper-intermediate level to an advanced level. Grammar, business English, pronunciation, book reviews, vocabulary, it's all here...


British English

Upper-intermediate to advanced level

Its little bonus: videos with sometimes very offbeat humor (as you can see below).


2. TEDx Talks


The TEDx YouTube channel is not specifically designed for learning English, but it is perfect for consolidating your level if it is already very good. You can listen to international experts talk about various topics. It's a great way to learn specific or targeted vocabulary and become familiar with English accents from around the world.


International English

Advanced level

Its little bonus: in addition to perfecting your English, you improve your general culture.



Bonus: some tips on how to successfully learn a language on YouTube


YouTube is an amazing tool to learn any language at any level. To make it easier for you to learn, it has two features that we don't usually think about, but that can be useful.


The first one is to activate automatic subtitles for videos that don't have them. YouTube has a machine learning algorithm that can automatically generate subtitles for any video. Be careful! The quality of the subtitles is rather random, but it still helps to understand some complicated words or to better comprehend the context of a video. To take benefit from the automatic subtitles, you just have to activate it by clicking on the "subtitles (c)" or "CC" icon located at the bottom of each video.


The second one is the possibility to slow down the playback speed. This is a particularly useful feature when the speaker speaks too fast or when you want to have time to take notes. To change the playback speed, click on the settings icon at the bottom right of the video, then on "playback speed". You can then choose the speed that best suits your comprehension level. Also, note that you can watch a video in accelerated mode if you don't have enough time to watch it.


Using YouTube to learn English: yes, but...


YouTube is a great tool for improving your English. It can help you perfect your grammar, learn new vocabulary and improve your listening skills. But it can't completely replace English classes, or even a language trip. However, with these channel suggestions, you should find the one you like to boost your learning of the language of Shakespeare. Enjoy!

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