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Hanazono Bldg 3F Shinjuku 5-17-6, Shinjuku-ku 160-0022 Tokyo Japan

Genki Japanese and Culture School is located in Tokyo, Japan. The school not only focuses on teaching basic Japanese grammar, but also on the art of living in Japan and communicating with real Japanese people.

GenkiJACS school has multiple accreditations and awards because it is one of the best language schools in the world. Qualitative education is what the school offers.

Presentation of Genki Japanese and Culture School

The school is one of only two Japanese schools accredited by IALC, the International Association of Language Centres. It has nine classrooms and accommodates a maximum of 90 students simultaneously.

Students must be at least 16 years old to access it. For adolescents under 18 years of age and without parental presence, a stay with a foster family is mandatory.

The school welcomes profiles of students of all levels. However, it requires its future learners to memorize the reading of the "hiragana" phonetic alphabet before they arrive at school. The academy can provide manuals to learn hiraganas before arriving in Japan.

Twelve levels are available, from beginner to upper intermediate level. The school operates on a rotating system: every Monday, the student joins the class that corresponds to his level according to his evolution.

All students benefit from standard Japanese language courses to which various additional modules can be added.

The mission of Genki Japanese and Culture School

Genki Academy believes that it is not possible to learn a language using only a textbook. It is necessary to "feel it, use it, live it" in order to be able to reap all its benefits.

GenkiJACS school does not focus on the JLPT and other written tests. She considers that communicating with Japanese people in an intelligible and fluid way is more important.

Courses can take place for a minimum of one week, even if the minimum recommended duration is two weeks for the provision of accommodation. The maximum duration of the courses has no limit, it depends only on the student's visa.

The student may choose to stay:

  • In a host family with a Japanese family
  • In a shared room in the dormitory
  • In a private room in a guest house
  • In a private apartment
  • In supervised, private or shared residence

The school's teachers and their unique teaching

Most teachers speak English and Japanese. Teachers can thus intervene in English when the situation requires it, especially for beginner students, by linking Japanese grammar to English grammar.

Genki Japanese and Culture School favours the use of the Japanese language to communicate with its students. Constant oral and listening practice is imperative.

The teachers have developed special and innovative techniques to learn the Japanese language. They use original, playful and modern methods with real-life situations to be able to adapt easily to daily life in Japan.

The school certifies that thanks to its methods, its students learn Japanese in record time.

The school has about eight students per classroom. Nine students exceptionally in high season and an average of five to six students in low season.

Why choose Genki Japanese and Culture School?

GenkiJACS stands out from other Japanese schools and is to be preferred for its linguistic stay in Japan for :


  • The level of excellence in Japanese language of its students:
     Students have the highest scores among all Japanese schools, on all school exam websites combined.
  • Flexibility :
    Students can arrive at any time of the year and start their classes on any Monday for the desired duration.
  • The friendly and complicit approach of the school:
    Thanks to the organization of various activities in a relaxed and fun atmosphere.
  • Its small school with a small number of students per class:
    For a better individual follow-up of each student and a better accompaniment in his daily life.
  • The adaptability of the school to the student's native language:
    The courses are adapted for European language students. The needs and approach techniques of European students are not the same as those of Asian students.
  • Access for people with disabilities and special supports:
    The school is adapted and accessible for students with physical disabilities. In low season, it also offers special support for students with difficulties such as dyslexia, ADHD, autism, etc.

Presentation of Tokyo, activities and the school district

Genki Japanese and Culture School overlooks the peaceful Hanazono Sanctuary. Every morning, students pass through the giant red torii doors to get to school.

GenkiJACS is located a few steps from Shinjuku Station, the busiest station in the world.

Tokyo is full of thousands of restaurants, bars and entertaining places for young and old. The city is in constant motion, the students are never bored.

The school organizes an average of 4 to 7 extracurricular activities per week: a discovery of the local hot springs called Onsen, restaurants where you can catch your own fish, cinema evenings, Japanese evenings of traditional games, etc.

The most: GenkiJACS school has branches in Japan

Genki Japanese and Culture School has three schools located in Tokyo, Fukuoka and Kyoto.

Instalaciones de la escuela


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Medios de comunicación y tecnología

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Comida y bebida

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Cursos de idiomas

Los cursos comienzan el lunes (todos los niveles de idiomas)

Curso básico de japonés

Japonés 16 - 99 años

No llegarás muy lejos en Japón sin saber hablar el idioma, pero utilizando las técnicas especiales que sus profesores han desarrollado, te sorprenderás de lo fácil que es aprender a hablar japonés, ¡y lo harás con fluidez antes de que te des cuenta!

El curso estándar utiliza materiales y actividades interesantes y modernas para centrarse en mejorar tu capacidad de hablar japonés de una manera que te da la flexibilidad para adaptarte a nuevas situaciones, ¡hasta que un día ni siquiera necesites un profesor!

Las clases en grupos reducidos se imparten tanto dentro como fuera del aula - aprenderás habilidades comunicativas esenciales en lecciones estructuradas con el profesor, y luego las practicarás en situaciones de la vida real

Tendrás 20 horas de clase a la semana, o 4 clases al día. Dos clases se centrarán en la gramática y otras dos se centrarán en la aplicación de las cuatro destrezas clave: hablar, escuchar, escribir y leer.
  • 20 lecciones por semana
  • Cada clase tiene una duración de 50 minutos.
  • Clases entre semana (de lunes a viernes)
  • Empieza cada lunes, durante todo el año*.
  • Disponible para todos los niveles
  • Posibilidad de añadir módulos/aditivos

  • *Los principiantes completos comienzan el primer lunes del mes (o el primer y tercer lunes de junio, julio y agosto)

    Puedes añadir 5 lecciones individuales adicionales por semana
    ¡Estas lecciones individuales por semana te permiten estudiar lo que quieras!
    Configura tu propio ritmo y adapta el contenido de tus clases a tus necesidades personales.

    Los cursos se imparten entre semana (de lunes a viernes)
    No están disponibles en junio, julio y agosto

Elija el tipo curso:


Por lo general, puedes llegar al alojamiento el sábado, el domingo o el lunes y dejarlo el viernes, el día de la graduación o el sábado por la mañana. Puede modificar las fechas de llegada y salida en el formulario.

No necesito alojamiento

Residencia en casa de familia en Tokio

Familia de acogida 16 - 99 años

Homestays in Tokyo can be located quite far from school, so you may have travel times of up to 90mins one-way. If location and convenience are important to you, you may want to consider a different accommodation instead.

Sharing a bedroom is not possible. You may share the homestay with other students.

We recommend this solution to our students, for a period of one to three months. In total immersion, living with a host family allows you to put your knowledge into practice at home.

  •  Bedroom:Private
  •  Room size: Around 10m²
  •  Facilities: Shared bathroom/common area
  •  Meals: Breakfast included
  •  Bedding: Included
  •  Toiletries: Toiletries/towels not included
  •  Sharing possible? No
  •  Min length of stay: 1 week
  •  Distance to school: 40-90min (by bus/train)

Elija el tipo de habitación/cama y la comida

Residencia privada en Tokio

Residencia 16 - 99 años

The private residence is a cost-effective and fun way to make friends in Japan! You will the privacy of your own bedroom, while still getting to meet and mingle with the other residents of the house, and enjoy the freedom of life in the city. Add to that the fact that they are just a short train ride away from school, it's easy to see why these are our most popular accommodation option!

  • Bedroom: Private
  • Room size: Around 10m²
  • Facilities: Shared bathroom/kitchen
  • Internet: Wifi (sometimes LAN)
  • Meals: Not included
  • Bedding: Included
  • Toiletries: Toiletries/towels not included
  • Sharing possible: No
  • Min length of stay: 2 weeks
  • Distance to school: 25-50min (by bus/train)

Elija el tipo de habitación/cama y la comida

Opciones / Servicios

Puede añadir estas opciones durante el proceso de reserva.