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60 Tigne' Towers, Tigne' Street SLM 3172 Sliema Malta

Inlingua Malta is part of Inlingua International, the largest association of privately-owned language schools in the world. It owns more than 300 centres in 34 countries across the world. 

Inlingua Malta was the second language school to be established in Malta. Indeed, they have been operating since 1980 (more than 30 years).

Each year, Inlingua is responsible for the training of 300 000 students all across the world who wants to learn a new language.

Unfortunately, due to the layout of their building, the school is not disable-friendly. 

The school is located one minute from the sea in the beautiful district of Sliema. There are many restaurants, snack bars and cafés where you can eat lunch or have a drink and practice your English after class. The shopping centre "The Point" is a 5-minute walk away. A language stay in Sliema means discovering the ancient architecture of Malta mixed with modernity.

Inlingua Malta dedicated to quality

Inlingua is extremely client-focused. They make sure they provide their students with the best courses. 

They have their own English course books that are specially developped by their academic department in Switzerland. 

Inlingua also developped the "Inlingua Method" (their way of teaching english). The method is proven to be an effective tool in successful language training. 

Knowledge, reputation, experience, quality are the reasons why so many students decide to invest in their education in an inlingua centre. 

Inlingua's commitment is to provide their students with the best quality service and language courses in order to help them to reach their goals.

Inlinguatime Malta: the Language School

The School offers:

  • 44 air-conditioned classrooms
  • A lecture room, junior room and DVD room - equipped with intrerative whiteboards. 
  • Library / Self-Study centre
  • Student common room
  • WiFi
  • School's residence situated in St. Julian's

Inlingua's Teachers

Inlingua's teachers are all fully certified according to the school's standards. They also all have a strong experience in teaching a English as a foreign language.

The teachers have a great understanding of the possible challenges students could face. This is why they accompany their students throughout their learning journeys.

Indeed, the teachers are highly dedicated in their mission to provide their students with high quality English Language courses.

Why choose Inlingua Malta?

  • Located in Sliema, a great neighborhood, just across the seafront
  • Knowledge. Reputation. Experience. Quality. 
  • Part of the Inlingua Network composed of more than 300 centres in 34 different countries
  • Strong experience as the network started in 1980
  • The course books are designed by their academic departement in Switzerland
  • They developped the "Inlingua way of learning English"
  • Inlinguatime is a small and personal language school. They guarantee individual attention. 
  • Muliticultural environment with over 40 nationalities
  • Accomodation within walking distance

Inlinguatime's mission

Their mission is to provide their students with the highest quality English language training during their language trip.

School Facilities


  • Air conditioning
  • Facilities for disabled guests
  • Reception Desk
  • Sea front

Media and technology

  • Interactive whiteboard


  • Student lounge

Food and Drink

  • Vending machine
  • Snack

Language courses

Course starts every Monday and is for all language levels.

Business English 20

English 18 - 99 years old

This English course will teach you how to communicate effectively in a business environment and the Inlingua language course book covers topics and language common to this field. We also have specially designed English books which cover various areas of business such as meetings, finance, presentations, negotiations, business correspondence, intercultural awareness, and communication, human resources and much more.
Lessons are intense and focused and you will learn quickly in this highly-charged environment.

6 students per class.

Select type of lesson:

General English in Sliema

English 13 - 99 years old

This is the perfect choice if you want to learn English in Malta, combining your language course with a relaxing, fun-filled holiday.

In your lessons you will learn conversational skills, grammar structures and vocabulary, which will enable you to communicate effectively in a variety of social situations using the English language.

20 lessons per week
Maximum of 10 students in a class
For students 13 years and older
Beginner to Advanced level

Select type of lesson:

General English Combined

English 13 - 99 years old

Make the most out of your time at inlingua Malta and follow this course to achieve optimum results rapidly and effectively. These courses combine, 20 group lessons with 10 one-to-one lessons targeting areas of your specific needs. 

Select type of lesson:

Parent & Child Programme

English 12 - 99 years old

Select type of lesson:

    General English Junior courses

    English 5 - 12 years old Junior

    The junior course provides a basic knowledge of the English language by focusing on
    on simple verbs, grammar and vocabulary. This language course is specially designed for children. Learning is more effective and much more fun thanks to the use of visual aids and exercises in the form of games and activities.

    The child is encouraged to practice by participating and the trainer creates a positive atmosphere where students are confident and relaxed. This is truly an effective and fun way to learn English in Malta.

    Maximum of 10 students in a class

    Select type of lesson:


    Usually the check-in is one or two days before the start of the course, and check out on the day of graduation. You can change the dates in the form.

    I do not need accommodation

    Staying with a Host Family

    Homestay 16 - 99 years old

    Inlingua host families are chosen for the welcoming atmosphere in their home. If you decide this type of
    accommodation, you will learn Maltese customs and traditions, whilst rapidly improving your English through
    constant communication with your host family.

    This is a safe and secure options for young students and they can choose to sleep in a single or shared room, on Half or Full Board Basis. There is also the option of booking a single bathroom and the opportunity to be the only person in the family to speak your native language. 

    Select type of room and meal

    School packages

    The school packages are predefined offers with courses and accommodation.

    Totally Teens Summer Package 17th July - 15th August 2022

    13 - 17 years old junior

    These programmes are all inclusive package programmes, a perfect choice for youngsters who want to improve their English but still enjoy a fun-packed holiday. 
    Whether travelling to Malta with their family or independently, the following programmes are designed to ensure safety, learning and fun! 

    • General English 20 Group course
    • Welcome and Information Pack
    • inlingua Course book
    • Host Family Accommodation on Full-Board Basis (3 meals a day) 
    • Certificate upon course completion
    • Activity Programme (2 per day) Group Guides and Leaders 
    • Airport Transfers 

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    Options / Services

    You can add these options during the booking process.

    Cancellation Policies

    We apply the booking and cancellation conditions of the partner school. Below is an excerpt from the cancellation conditions.

    For cancellations 30 days prior to course or accommodation start date (whichever comes first) inlingua will refund fees received as listed below less non-refundable charges. (Registration fees – Visa assistance, Medical insurance fees if applicable – Administration charges)

    30 days prior to arrival date – Full refund (excluding non-refundable charges/ *cancellation fees for accommodation)
    14 days prior to arrival date – 75% of invoice (excluding non-refundable charges/ *cancellation fees for accommodation)
    7 days prior to arrival date – 50% of invoice (excluding non-refundable charges/ *cancellation fees for accommodation)
    3 days prior to arrival date – 25% of invoice (excluding non-refundable charges/ *cancellation fees for accommodation)
    Cancellation 2 days prior to arrival and “no shows” – no refund

    *Hotel Accommodation – cancellation 28 days prior to arrival – no refund
    *Host Family/ Residence Accommodation – cancellation 28 days prior to arrival – 3 days cancellation charge

    All changes with accommodation after arrival are subject to a €25 fee paid locally.
    Upon quote, Host Family Accommodation will only be made available for the first 48 hours
    following a request.

    The school needs to be informed if students plan on going on holiday throughout the duration of their course. Lessons missed for this reason will not be replaced or refunded.
    Read school booking terms