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1111 Lincoln Rd, Ste 301, Miami Beach FL 33139 Miami United States


EC English Miami is ideal for learning English under the Florida sun. The city of Miami offers a fabulous learning experience in a pleasant climate and an idyllic setting for studying English. EC English Miami is accredited and award-winning worldwide. The language center helps every student get the English language skills they need to achieve their dreams .

Presentation of the school and the EC group

The EC group no longer has to prove itself. Present in several cities and countries around the world, 60,000 students of 140 different nationalities come here to study languages every year.

The EC English Miami school benefits from multiple structures and modern spaces allowing each student to learn English in the best conditions:

  • Library
  • Self-learning zone with computers
  • Break room for students
  • Interactive whiteboard in the classroom
  • Access for people with disabilities
  • Free Wi-Fi, etc.

EC English Miami accepts students of all language levels from the age of sixteen. Beginner or experienced, each student has his or her place at EC English Miami and has an English course adapted to his or her abilities.

The student will be able to select a program from :

  • General English courses
  • English courses for work
  • To complete a semester or even an academic year directly.

The school offers two options for accommodation: a homestay or accommodation in a student residence.

EC English Miami's mission statement

Used to welcoming tens of thousands of students each year, EC English Miami has adapted its support to satisfy and solve every problem encountered by its students.

EC English Miami is a school that keeps its promises in terms of results. It guarantees to reach its objectives at the end of each student's stay.

EC English Miami offers learning, a pedagogical complex and extracurricular activities necessary to achieve the language objectives set by the school and the student.

The school's motto? To focus on the things students can do and not on the things they can't do.

In 2016, EC's Orange Carpet Experience is elected as the winner of the famous Silver Star Award at the UK Customer Experience Awards. The Orange Carpet Experience is based on two fundamental elements: excellent customer service and VIP service for each student.

EC's teachers and multiple accreditations

30 years of experience have enabled the school to effectively refine the teaching methods of EC English teachers.

The engaging and relevant courses are fun and engaging, using the latest and best learning materials. Teachers take advantage of the melting pot of students to foster oral expression in the English language.

Accreditation for a language school is a guarantee of quality.
The EC Group has multiple accreditations from organizations all over the world: BPPE, English USA, English UK, ACCET, ACELS, Independent Schools Inspectorate, British Council, ALTO, TESEL, Marketing English in Irland, EduSA, SAYTC...

Why choose EC English Miami?

Miami's idyllic setting, combined with EC's innovative teaching techniques, makes it a great environment for learning the English language. In addition, you'll find :

  • A warm and friendly learning environment
  • Excellent customer service and an unrivalled position in education
  • Facilities and space for faster study
  • Relevant ideas and advice from the teaching staff, to study outside of class hours more effectively
  • Enriching and varied activities outside school
  • A certain reactivity to students' questions or problems.

Presentation of Miami and the school district

The EC Miami school is located on the famous and renowned Lincoln Road in one of the trendiest cities in the USA, Miami. The street is full of great shops, restaurants and bars.
Miami is a multicultural city with a hectic pace of life, where life is good for its heavenly beaches and colorful Art Deco buildings.
Miami, also known as the "Magic City", combines white sandy beaches with a fabulous cultural and artistic heritage. The city is world-renowned for its mastery of contemporary art and design.

EC English Miami's flagship activity

In Miami, various activities can be practiced after class at EC English Miami school: Beach Volleyball, Football, kayaking...
But if there is one flagship sharing activity that the school organizes, it is the International Food Festival.

As Miami is known for its multicultural gastronomy, the school has organized this festival allowing students to taste traditional meals from their home countries.

Language courses

Course starts every Monday and is for all language levels.

No courses available, contact us on the chat.


Usually the check-in is one or two days before the start of the course, and check out on the day of graduation. You can change the dates in the form.

I do not need accommodation

No accommodations available, contact us on the chat.

Video presentation of the school

School Facilities


  • Reception Desk

Media and technology

  • Computer with internet available
  • Interactive whiteboard
  • Free Wifi


  • Self-study area
  • Student lounge

Food and Drink

  • Vending machine

School alumni reviews

EC Miami English Language School has been reviewed by 16 previous students on Google. Max five of the available reviews are included below.

profile of Elsad Cafarov

8 months ago

by Elsad Cafarov

best school !!!!

profile of Alex Granier

9 months ago

by Alex Granier

It was a great place to work in. I am very happy that I had the opportunity to be part of the team. It is The Best English language school in all South Florida and one of the best in America and the world. In my opinion. They do their best to provide their students with a wholesome education Their facilities are impeccable. They strictly follow procedures and methodology making sure that you are provided the quality content you need. They carefully select their resources and they really look after Each student unlike others schools in Miami Beach that have agressive mass marketing and over enrollment resulting in tiny and very crowded classrooms, EC commits to excellence and has grown without loosing sight of this. If you want to have a great time in a nice city and Truly learn English. This is the place. All it's staff will give you a warm welcome and make you feel right at home. It's also a much better place to network and meet people from all over the world due to its intimate atmosphere.

profile of Marilyn Perez

2 years ago

by Marilyn Perez

Excellent Teachers !

profile of Eva Madarova

3 years ago

by Eva Madarova

Super für Englisch lernen und direkt Miami beach!!!

profile of laura crivelli

5 years ago

by laura crivelli

EC Miami is pathetic. Enrolling in a course at EC is the easiest way to waste your money. Just take a look at their price list and compare it to other schools in Miami Beach. A REGULAR BUS PASS COST DOLLARS 56.25 NOT 70 DOLLARS! When I asked them why they charged so much, they told me it was because of a sudden increase of price in the city. Not true!! It’s quite impossible to move up a level. Instead of moving up a level, you will end up repeating the same stuff over and over again. Don’t complain because it’s like talcking to a brick wall. Homework every day. Don’t come late. After the first 15 minutes, EC won’t allow you to enter the class until the following break (1h 30min). I was told it was part of the immigration law. This law is just applied in EC. I asked other schools if it was true and the response was a sound laughter. If you don’t fill up their final survey, they wan’t give you a certificate, no matter if you have 100% attendance. EC Miami is the best place to practice your Swiss German Language. In fact 90% of the students come from Switzerland. The Staff and teachers are very friendly and professional but you can find Staff and teachers like that everywhere. I WAN’T EVER RECOMMEND THIS SCHOOL IN 10’000 YEARS!! EC Miami erase bad comments and recensions! Sé tà scrìvàt chèicöss chè gà và miä bén, EC là scäncèlla tücc ì cümmént e lä fä fìntä dä nàgöt! Bèl sìt dà ràtt dä fögna! Tröp bèll neh?